COUNTcam2 + Booster Pack

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  • Save $200

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COUNTcam 2 was designed with an eye towards simplicity in setup, flexibility in length of recording time, and affordability to make it accessible to even the most cost sensitive organization. (Ships in 5 to 7 business days)

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Check out the great COUNTcam 2 and Booster Pack features.

  • Slim Camera Profile.The COUNTcam 2's slim profile make it less conspicuous in the field, and easier to transport and store.
  • Adjustable Camera Mount. Easily adjust the angle of COUNTcam 2 when installed to capture your recording area.
  • Wireless Video Viewing at Setup. Use your favorite Apple or Android mobile device to control/view the video feed during set up or take down. No more cables, monitors, or remote controls to see if your camera is recording during setup.
  • MP4 File Format. Records in .MP4 file format at 640 resolution, optimized for smooth playback at high speeds.
  • Long Recording Time.The COUNTcam 2 records up to 50 hours of video and can easily be extended to record up to 150 hours when you connect an external battery booster pack. 
  • 90-Day Full Replacement Warranty. If your COUNTcam or Booster Pack has a manufacturer defect, we will replace it with a new unit!

Complete your video counts from the convenience of your office using the COUNTpad + COUNTpro counting board and software, or send us your traffic video and let us count your video for you with our COUNTcloud video processing service.

Every COUNTcam comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.  

Included in this package:

(1) - COUNTcam 2
(1) - Battery Booster Pack
(1) - Charger
(1) - Hose clamp set
(1) - Lock bracket and padlock
(1) - Pole mount
(1) - Download cable
(1) - 90-Day Full Replacement Warranty (covers manufacturer defects). Optional COUNTcare Protection Plan available.