COUNTcloud - How it Works

COUNTcloud is a traffic video counting service.
You upload your traffic video, we count it. No contracts. Fixed rates. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The Process
Complete an online order by selecting the counts you want done. We send you a link to upload your video files and an intersection template sheet. A week later, we e-mail you back your data files. We don't require a long term contract or pre-purchase processing hours. We accept standard video file formats from any video recording system. 

We use lump sum rates that are dependent on intersection traffic control and the duration of the count. Because we believe the world should be collecting 48-hour turning movement counts, we incentivize longer duration counts. 

Delivery Time
Standard delivery time is 7 business days for up to 50 hours of video. The clock starts when we receive the uploaded files and intersection template. Expedited services are not available. Contact us on larger projects and we'll work through a guaranteed delivery date before you purchase.

Quality Control
We perform a series of quality control spot checks to ensure every intersection count is at least 95% accurate. We've processed tens of thousands of video hours and you'll receive the same expert service all of our customers have come to expect over the last fourteen years. 

Fixed rates.
No contracts.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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