Higher Education Package

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Real World Data Collection Tools for Research or the Classroom

Augment your traffic engineering courses with practical teaching aids. Our education package allows teaching professionals to go beyond books, and incorporate real traffic data collection tools into the classroom. This package includes both road tube counters and video-based traffic collection systems to collect traffic data, along with a hand-held radar gun for speed data collection.

Also included are the tools your students need to process the data and instructional materials that every traffic engineer should know on how to create a collect traffic data, create a traffic study, and more. All of our materials are written by professional engineers for professional engineers so you know you are getting field-tested, best practices and process.

All the tools your students need to take the practical skills they learn in class and apply them to a projects outside the classroom.

Download Specs

This Package includes:

  • (2) COUNTcam Mini
  • (2) Mounting Bracket & Padlock
  • (2) Hose Clamp Mounting System
  • (2) 7.4V Battery Charger
  • (2) 16GB SD Card
  • (2) Quick Start Guide and User Manual
  • (1) COUNTpro + COUNTpad 2
  • (1) Portable Monitor
  • (3) wayCOUNTs
  • (3) Chains and (3) padlocks
  • (6) 50ft long mini-tubes
  • (3) Pavement nails, bag of 10
  • (30) Nylon loops
  • (1) Roll of tape
  • (1) Pocket Radar
  • (1) Spack Academy: Traffic Counting Manual
  • (1) Spack Academy: Traffic Study Manual
  • (1) Spack Academy: Warrant Analysis Spreadsheets