Video Processing

COUNTcloud traffic video counting service. 

You upload your video and we count it!  We quickly count intersections with stop signs, signals, and roundabouts. Send us your .MP4, .AVI, .ASF, WMV, or .MOV video file and we will provide you with turning 
movement counts for cars and heavy vehicles, as well as crossing counts for bikes, and pedestrians.  

No contracts.  Fixed rates. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We process your counts based on the duration of the uninterrupted video timestamp.  Videos that do not have a continuous timestamp will be treated as separate count requests. For more details on the service, click on one of the duration segments below.

COUNTcloud users please do not utilize MICROSOFT EDGE when uploading your videos.  

Please contact for any clarification questions.

Need a traffic video recorder?
Check out our COUNTcam video recording system!