2 Hour Count

2 Hour Count

  • $59.00

2 Hour Count at an Intersection.

This is a 2 hour continuous count at an intersection with stop signs, signals or roundabout. Select and purchase the COUNTcloud service that's right for you. We send you a link to upload your video files and the intersection template.

What type of video files do you accept?
COUNTcloud can accept most modern video formats including .ASF, .AVI, .MPG and .MOV formats. Videos do not need to be created using CountingCars products, but we do think you’ll love how our video systems work!

Can I upload videos from more than one location at a time?
To correctly count your location, we asked that you complete the submission process for each intersection you need counted along with the Count Sheet that you receive for the location to be counted.

What is a Count Sheet?
A Count Sheet provides us with information about the location you want to be counted including the direction that the camera is placed, and other location specific information. A Count Sheet will be emailed to you after you place an order for the COUNTcloud service on the CountingCars.com website. Complete a Count Sheet for each day, at each of the locations you wish to have counted and upload your Count Sheets with your video. Your Count Sheet will be returned to you along with your finished counts.

What Classification are Provided Through COUNTcloud? 
The classifications provided with COUNTcloud are turning movement counts for cars and heavy vehicles, as well as crossing counts for bikes, and pedestrians. If additional classifications or turning movement counts are required you can contact our sister company Traffic Data Inc where more specific and unique counts can be completed.

I just uploaded my videos and count sheets. What happens next? 
Once you have uploaded your videos, you will receive your completed video counts within 7 business day (not including holidays) if the sum of the hours for all of your active videos in your order is under 50 hours. Orders containing more than 50 hours of video will be completed as soon as possible and may take longer than 7 business days.  We will contact you if we have any questions regarding your videos.

How will my video counts be provided to me? 
Once your video count is completed, you will receive an email with the filled-out Count Sheet for your intersection.


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