Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the COUNTkit?
We'd like to answer this question by asking another question; Why does anyone do a 2-hour turning movement count? We believe that more data is what the industry needs to strive towards. That's why we developed the COUNTcam. If you're looking for a little more in-depth analysis on the topic, we recommend checking out our CEO's blog and reading the post Death of the 2-Hour Turning Movement Count.

Is it automated?
No, but you can count from the comfort of the office, Monday through Friday, during normal business hours, using the pause button to take breaks, using the save feature to stop mid-count at the end of the day and start up right where they left off the next day, and toggling the video speed faster/slower so they're always counting in their comfort zone (maintain accuracy, but speed up the video when traffic is light).

Here's a quick YouTube video that covers the basics.

Will your office system work with our videos?
Our system is built on top of the open source VLC Media Player, which means we can open up all common, non-proprietary video formats (mpeg, avi, mpeg4, mov, dv, etc.). This allows you freedom and flexibility.

Could you break it down any further?
Yes. We like to deconstruct the benefits into 4 basic categories: More savings, more control and flexibility, no monthly service fees and 90-day money back guarantee.

  • More savings?
The COUNTkit allows you to count more intersections in less time. Why have 2 people at an intersection counting in real-time when you can have 1 person counting at 4x speed?

  • More control and flexibility?
The video and data is yours. You're in control. We'll never charge you to access your information. Learn more about COUNTcam features.

  • No monthly service fee?
No contracts. We're not going to lock you into a two or three year deal. You bought it - it's yours to use in any way you see fit.

  • 90-day money back guarantee?
If you're not happy with the COUNTkit, then you can send it back. Learn More.

What format does the data come out in?
We export from the COUNTpro software directly to Excel and Petra Pro file formats. COUNTpro also generates its own detailed PDF reports.

What if it breaks?
We're confident that it won't. But if it does, the first year is completely on us (and we offer a 90-day money back guarantee). There's a full year warranty on the case as well as the electronics/battery inside it.